In this section you will find support and information on ductless and ducted Aerothermal heating products.  The best systems for the Canadian climate come from Mitsubishi, Daikin and Fujitsu.  I find Mitsubishi to the best with their many available options and low temperature units.

Who needs a Aerothermal heal pump?  Customers who benefit the most are customers who have a central air electrical system, baseboards, and or in-wall electric heaters.  A properly designed Aerothermal system will increase your comfort and can decrease your electric consumption. Solutions will vary on your comfort needs

The filters in a ductless head should be cleaned at least once every 1-2 months. Cleaning is simple if done often. For most units, lift the front plate of the ductless head, remove the filter and vacuum off the dust. In some cases the filter needs to be washed in the sink with some mild dish soap. If the aluminum fins under the filters are clogged with dust then call Canadian Aerothermal for a full cleaning of the ductless system.

Very Dirty Ducltess FilterImage of a dirty filter that is not cleaned often enough. Potential issues; Poor efficiency (high operating costs), bad smells, water leaks, mould, uncomfortable room temperatures ...






Dirty Ductless Fan Wheel

Fan over due for professional cleaning. Potential issues; burnt out fan motors, extra noise, bad smells, mould... (Only professionally remove and clean)















Every 1-2 years it is recommended to have Canadian Aerothermal to do a professional cleaning of the system. We fully dismantle the indoor ductless units and clean all surfaces. The outdoor unit is inspected for potential issues and cleaned. Canadian Aerothermal will provide a report on the system and a recommended cleaning schedule based on the technicians findings. 

Proper cleaning of the system reduces system failures, maintains efficiency and is required for warranty. Contact Canadian Aerothermal for professional cleaning, servicing, and sales. If a system needs to be repaired or replaced please call me at the contact information below. Canadian Aerothermal has service department and can repair major brands.